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A sustainable fashion company cofounder, an environmental scientist, a green venture capitalist, an ocean advocate, and a water policy adviser share work experiences with faculty member Peter Vitusek (far left) and students.

A versatile foundation

Stanford Earth students leave Stanford for careers in the corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors. They work as scientists, data experts, conservationists, policy makers, engineers, attorneys, academics, and physicians, among other professions. The data analytics and observational skills students acquire in our programs are in high demand across a variety of careers.

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Not your mother's mentor

Modern mentorship moves fast. How (and why) to join in. Stanford alumni advise, including Stanford Earth's Margot Gerritsen.

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Explore courses to connect your interests with meaningful work.

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When the career path takes a sharp left

Three E-IPER alumni share what led them to take a chance on a less conventional job change.

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Stanford career education

BEAM: Bridging education, ambition, and meaningful work.


Search the Stanford Alumni directory for informational interview contacts.

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