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For more information about field programs at Stanford EARTH, including resource documents, virtual field trips, and more, please check out the Field Education Page. 

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Learning by doing

Stanford Earth researchers and students conduct research or engage in field learning on all seven continents and oceans. Any Stanford student may join a variety of programs from two-day coastal geology Field Courses to multi-week Sophomore College field studies, and Bing Overseas Seminars. Stanford Earth offers a quarter-long field course in social and biophysical systems in Hawaii.

Field Courses

Stanford Earth instructors immerse you in hands-on field experiences to understand Earth’s processes and develop your observational, spatial, and problem-solving skills.

Wrigley Field Program in Hawaii

A quarter-long course for students interested in Earth systems, biology, geological sciences, and cultural anthropology. The 2022 program application will open in Winter 2022. 

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Want to know more about our Field Courses?

Contact Ryan Petterson, the Director of Field Education for Stanford EARTH, at


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Learning by Doing in Alaska

A Sophomore College experience

Learning through fieldwork about Pacific coral reefs

A Bing Overseas Seminar experience


A 10-week investigative science and policy course examining the impacts of human actions on ocean ecosystems. Contact professor Rob Dunbar at for more information about the program.   Read more.

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Learning on the Stanford Educational Farm

The educational farm is Stanford’s home for hands-on learning in sustainable agriculture.

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