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K-12 Outreach

Geoscience education is for everyone

We offer K-12 programs for second-graders, high school students, and teachers aimed at supporting an appreciation of our planet and how it works. By working with budding scientists and current science students, we offer programs to broaden their understanding of the scientific process. The programs help students understand Earth and environmental sciences. Programs are free of cost to students and teachers in our local community.

Geokids Program

What could be better than a morning of constructing fossils, soil painting and the lava game? Second grade students from local schools come on a field trip to explore and experience these fun and engaging activities at Stanford.

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Stanford Earth Young Investigators

High school students spend the summer working in research laboratories. The students become involved in existing research projects and are supervised directly by graduate students, post docs and lab managers.

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Just for Teachers

We are offering a Geoscape workshop for teachers in Winter 2020 about science understandings and practices in Earth, Energy and Environmental sciences for all high school science teachers.

We offer periodic teacher workshops to help teachers understand and develop compelling curricula about climate change. Check out our curriculum at Climate Change Education.

For more information, contact Outreach Education Director Jenny Saltzman.

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Virtual Field Trips

Students and teachers are invited to explore the world to understand how the Earth works through virtual field trips.  They take a variety of forms- virtual field sites, self-guided virtual field trips, and virtual field exercises. Bring your students or friends on a virtual field trip!

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