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Geoscape Bay Area Professional Development for Teachers

Earth Sciences for Chemistry and Physics teachers

We invite all high school science teachers, especially chemistry and physics teachers to participate in this workshop about Earth, Energy and Environmental sciences. Environmental and Earth sciences teachers are invited to participate also.

We will examine natural Earth phenomena to unpack scientific research practices used to explain how the Earth works.  From climate change to earthquakes to Earth materials, scientists will share both what we know and how we know what we know. Spend five mornings with scientists, as they show you the models that they create and instruments that they use to create new knowledge.

  • Human Energy Systems (Jan 18) Professors Sally Benson and Margot Gerritsen
  • Earthquakes and Volcanoes – Physics and Chemistry (Feb 8) Professors Greg Beroza and Paul Segall
  • Physics of Climate (Feb 29) Professors Morgan O’Neil and Aditi Sheshadri
  • Earth’s Surface through Remote Sensing  (March 14) Professor George Hilley - CANCELLED
  • Earth Materials - Laboratory Techniques (April 4) Professor Wendy Mao plus others - CANCELLED

The NGSS science practices are meant to reflect the ways that science is carried out by a community of researchers. In this series, you will hear from practicing research scientists about what the science practices look like in their daily work.  This is for science teachers who want to learn more directly from physicists, chemists, mathematicians, and geologists at the cutting edge of their fields.

    5 Saturdays in 2020
    9:00 – 1:00 pm

    January – April

    Lunch included
    Free, with $50 refundable deposit (returned on attendance at the second session).  We expect teachers to participate in all the sessions (yet know that you will probably miss one day). 
    Please send a check written out to Stanford University and mailed to Jennifer Saltzman, Mitchell Earth Sciences Suite 101, 397 Panama Mall, Stanford, CA 94305. Deposits will be returned with your participation.

    We plan to offer more workshops during the school year in the future! Please join our interest list - we'll let you know our next offering.
    Middle school teachers can apply, yet high school teachers have priority.
    QUESTIONS - Contact Jennifer Saltzman


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