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Corona virus

COVID-19 and Winter Quarter

Stat Team Organization

The dean's office convened the Stanford Earth Stat Team March 4 to organize our school-level response to the COVID-19 outbreak. All team members are connected to Stanford University leadership across an array of domain areas, including academics, technology, safety, and communications. We are following University level guidelines in all instances. 

STAT team org chart

Org Chart

Who to call for what at Stanford Earth

Administrative Operations and PoliciesAmy Balsom
Facility Operations and SecurityPat Carlson
Research Continuity for Labs and General SafetyTom Koos
CommunicationsBarbara Buell
Educational Continuity and Academic SupportRobyn Dunbar
Student Care and SupportAlyssa Ferree
Field Trips and TravelRyan Petterson [Register your travel and trips at MyTrips AND at Stanford Earth]
Human Resource (including Work From Home)Sue Crutcher
Technology and Technology SupportJohn Freshwaters
External Relations and EventsJen Judas
Financial (including documenting financial loss due to COVID-19)Jane Chen

If you are unsure who to contact or have questions regarding our COVID-19 response organization, please start with Sandy Meyer (Stat  Team lead)

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