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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Special Recognition

Recognizing DEI Contributions at Stanford Earth (2019-2021)

The Stanford Earth DEI office recognizes three categories of long-term contribution to inclusion and equity by members of our community. These include: Students and postdocs who have made outstanding individual contributions, leadership exemplified by organized groups, and the collective efforts of other individuals through a variety of initiatives across campus. We thank you all for your long-term dedication and leadership!

Recognition for outstanding individual DEI efforts:

  • Lauren Abrahams (DIG instructor, DEI student/postdoc working group, SURGE evaluator, Stanford Earth recruiter)
  • Folasade Ayoola  (BEGSA, DEI student/postdoc working group, SERGE)
  • Ayoade Balogun (EJ working group, Associated Students of Stanford University, Environmental Justice and Sustainability Committee)
  • Callum Bobb (RiSE group)
  • Emily Cardarelli (DIG class founder, Geokids, Stanford Earth Recruitment)
  • Nancy Chang (EJ working group, Students for Environmental and Racial Justice, Stanford Food Recovery)
  • Sami Chen (Stanford Earth recruiter, RiSE group, DEI student/postdoc working group)
  • Cansu Culha (URGE pod leader)
  • Cherie DeVore (URGE pod, Indigenous Frameworks event, DEI student/postdoc working group)
  • Katerina Gonzales (DIG Class founder)
  • David J.X. Gonzalez (Shades of Green, EJ Group, Nuestra Casa, DEI student/postdoc working group, SURGE mentor)
  • Aria Hamann Duncan (Stanford Earth recruiter, URGE pod, SURGE application evaluator, Geokids)
  • Heidi Hirsh (RiSE group, Stanford Earth recruiter)
  • Elizabeth Johnston (RiSE group)
  • Hannah Joy-Warren (RiSE group)
  • Bennett J. Kapili (RiSE group)
  • Colette Kelly (RiSE group, Geokids, Stanford Earth recruiter, faculty search student panel)
  • Emily Lacroix (URGE pod leader, Geokids) 
  • Christopher LeBoa (EJ working group and EJ minor, Stanford Food Recovery)
  • Amina Ly (BGSA, DEI student/postdoc working group, Assistant Director Search)
  • Marisa Mayer (RiSE group)
  • Karissa Pepin(Faculty Search, DEI student/postdoc working group)
  • Anna Rasmussen (RiSE group and Faculty Search, Geokids)
  • Bianca Santos (EJ group, DEI student leaders summer working group)
  • Nasa Sinnott-Armstrong (DEI student/postdoc working group and Assistant Director Search)
  • Aaron Steelquist (Stanford Earth recruiter, SURGE 2020 mentor, SURGE application evaluator, URGE pod)
  • Chris Tan (EJ working group, Students for a Sustainable Stanford, Students for Environmental and Racial Justice)
  • Bradley Tolar (Stanford Earth recruiter, Postdoc advisory committee, Geokids)
  • Shersingh Joseph Tumber-Dávila (Pertenecer, ConCiencia, Geokids, Stanford Earth Recruitment, Faculty Search, Assistant Director Search, DIG instructor, DEI student/postdoc working group)

Recognition for outstanding group DEI efforts:

  • The Environmental Justice Working Group (EJWG). The EJWG at Stanford is an intergenerational collective working to embed environmental justice into our research, teaching, and community engagement at Stanford.
  • The RiSE Group (Respect in Stanford Earth)
  • The Stanford Earth URGE Pods (Unlearning Racism in Geoscience) 

Recognition for collective action through the following programs:

  • AGEP-NSF Research University Alliance
  • Associate Chairs for Diversity and Inclusion committee
  • Communications and Web Design
  • Dean’s Graduate Scholars Committee
  • DIG class and We DIG it group
  • DEI student and postdoc working group
  • ESYS DEI action plan and advisory group
  • EJ Courses
  • Geokids, Fieldwork and Outreach
  • Graduate admissions and fee waivers
  • High School Young Investigators
  • IDEAL faculty council
  • IDEAL recruitment and dashboard portal pilot program
  • New school community focus group team
  • Recruitment
  • Respectful Community committee
  • Stanford Earth Celebrates events
  • Stanford Earth DEI action plan leadership committee
  • Stanford Earth faculty search committee
  • Stanford Earth postdoctoral fellowship committee
  • SURGE program
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