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earth matters
science and insights for people who care about Earth, its resources and its environment


solar panels in Kern County, Calif.
December 12, 2016

Leading the way in sustainability and innovative green technologies, Stanford celebrated the opening of the Stanford Solar Generating Station in Kern County, Calif. The station will provide more than 50 percent of Stanford’s electricity.

Oklahoma oil rigs
November 30, 2016

Stanford scientists predict that over the next few years, the rate of earthquakes induced by wastewater injection in Oklahoma will decrease significantly. But the potential for damaging earthquakes will remain high.


abandoned natural gas well
November 15, 2016

New research finds far more abandoned oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania than previously thought and provides a framework for identifying wells across the United States and globally that are the worst methane leakers.

Texas and Oklahoma stress maps
November 11, 2016

New maps of the geologic forces contributing to earthquakes in Texas and Oklahoma could help reduce the likelihood of manmade temblors associated with wastewater injection.

natural gas pipes
October 27, 2016

A new study finds that just a few natural gas wells account for more than half of the total volume of leaked methane gas in the United States. Fixing leaks at those top emitters could significantly reduce leaks of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

earthquake damaged wall
September 22, 2016

The largest recorded earthquake in East Texas was triggered by the high-volume injections of wastewater from oil and gas activities deep underground. 

fracking protestors
August 5, 2016

Is fracking ruining our health and the environment? Gimlet talks to Stanford Earth's Rob Jackson to find out.

Oil pump
June 30, 2016

Mary Kang tells Bloomberg that old natural gas wells are emitting methane into the atmosphere and should be factored into greenhouse-gas emissions inventories.

water from pipe
June 27, 2016

A new study by Rob Jackson and Mary Kang concludes that California's Central Valley has almost three times more fresh water underground than the state estimates.

irrigation and oil production in Kern County
June 27, 2016

New research indicates that California’s Central Valley harbors three times more groundwater than previously estimated, but challenges to using it include pumping costs, ground subsidence and possible contamination from fracking and other oil and gas activities.