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We welcomed a new E-IPER staff member and Spring Joint MS cohort, awarded a PhD/MS Collaboration Grant, and celebrated another successful Joint MS Capstone Symposium. As always, we are also proud to present the accomplishments of our students and alumni.


Cancer insights from coral
July 6, 2017

Stanford researchers are exploring how corals that re-colonized Bikini Atoll after nuclear bomb tests 70 years ago have adapted to persistent radiation. Their work is featured in a PBS series.

Climate change activism
July 6, 2017

Sociologist Doug McAdam examined 40 years of research and theory on social movements in an attempt to determine why a sustained grassroots movement on climate change has not developed in the United States.

Aaron Strong in the forest
July 3, 2017

E-IPER alumnus Aaron Strong, PhD '16, is working to expand water monitoring in Maine and improve ocean health as a professor at the University of Maine School of Marine Sciences.

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