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Winter 2022

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NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 crisis, this quarter's projects were presented in an online and remote format.


Jordan Conger, Joint MS-MBA

Hannah Sieber, Joint MS-MBA

Sustainable Energy Systems


Quantifying the Economic and Equity Impacts of California's Planned Safety Power Shutoffs



Kevin Dousa, Joint MS-JDEnergyMapping Municipal Policies for Natural Gas Abolition and DecarbonizationLinkedin

Ada Statler, Joint MS-JD

Custom Track: Energy and Adaptation

Shining the Light on Blackouts: Equity Implications of Climate-Driven Power Outages


Karim Ibrik, Joint MS-MBAEnergyReimagining Bioenergy: The Case for Hydrogen-from-Waste as a High-Impact Climate SolutionLinkedin
Beverley See, Joint MS-MBAHuman and Planetary HealthEcosystem Assessment for the Production & Adoption of Cell Cultured SeafoodLinkedin

Georgi Koreli, Joint MS-MBA

Land Use and Agriculture

Assessing the Feasibility of Social Tokens to Incentivize Sustainable User Behavior


Henry Bradlow, Joint MS-MBA

Chenyu Ren, Joint MS-MBA

Peixi Yan, Joint MS-MBA


Custom Track: Sustainable Transportation

Custom Track: Sustainable Home and Mobility

Pandemic Effects and Environmental Impact on Austin Real Estate




Lola Damski, Joint MS-MBA

EnergyClimate Disasters: A Framework for Fair, Economical, and Preventative Household Relocation SchemesLinkedin

Mason Gunter, Joint MS-MBA

Sustainable Built Environment

Defining, Managing, and Measuring Climate Impact through Venture Capital


Johanna Erikkson, Joint MS-MBALand Use and AgricultureFinancing Regenerative Agriculture: Modeling Risk for a Farm LenderLinkedin
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