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Winter 2020

Watch videos of students' Capstone Project presentations using the password ViaOrtega. NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 crisis, this quarter's projects were presented in an online and remote format.

Allan Van Vliet, MS-JDLand Use and AgricultureCan IP Law Improve Food Resilience? A Survey of Proposed Agriculture IP Reforms Through the Lens of Genetic Diversity 
Madhu Yalamarthi, MS-MBALand Use and AgricultureInvesting in Sustainable Food Supply ChainsLinkedIn
Dan Freeman, MS-MBALand Use and AgricultureWhat Does an Alt-Cow Eat, Anyway? Animal Product Alternatives and Legume Value Chains 
Michael M. Golz, MS-JDFreshwaterToward Resilient Municipal Water Supply: Evaluating Appetite for Water Recycling in Denver 
Thomas M. Miller, MS-JDLand Use and AgricultureRedrawing the Legal Landscape for Geologic Carbon Sequestration in California 
Julia Osterman, MS-MBALand Use and Agriculture

Unlocking Public Private Investment in Mangroves for Coastal Resilience and Carbon Sequestration

Alexandra Boboc, MS-MBA, Eyal Donath Zafir, MS-MBA, Max Sapozhnikov, MS-MBA


A Path to 24/7 Clean Energy for Data Centers: Analyzing the Feasibility, Economics and Impact of Using Energy Storage 
Graham Wookey, MS-MBAEnergyRestoring South Africa's Mining Sector with Battery StorageLinkedIn
Adrien Duroc-Danner, MS-JDEnergySources and Uses: Trends in Clean Energy Finance in California and the Northeast 
Mike Caron, MS-MBAEnergyAccelerating Transportation Electrification: Watt Can be Learned by Analyzing Existing Electric Vehicle Fleets?LinkedIn
Jennifer Goldman, MS-MBALand Use and AgricultureThe Future of Transportation: Putting Cities in the Driver's Seat 

Archive Prior to Autumn 2019 

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