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Endowed Professorships and Directorships

Endowed professorships help Stanford attract and retain top faculty. They are the highest honor the university can bestow upon its most distinguished faculty, and they also enable us to offer competitive packages in recruiting and retaining scholars who are in high demand around the country and the world.

Endowed professorship donors are an elite group of Stanford's most farsighted and generous friends. Endowed funds establish permanent investments and provide a continuing source of support. Donors may establish professorships in their own names or in the names of others whom they wish to honor, and the chairs will exist in perpetuity.

Chester Naramore Deanship

Pamela A. Matson

Thomas Davies Barrow Professorship

Roland N. Horne

Keleen and Carlton Beal Professorship

Anthony Kovscek

Welton Joseph and Maud L'Anphere Crook Professorship

Stephan Graham

Michelle and Kevin Douglas Provostial Professorship

Rob Jackson

Cecil H. and Ida M. Green Professorship

Jerry M. Harris

George L. Harrington Professorship

Rosemary J. Knight

Terry Huffington Professorship

Scott E. Fendorf

George and Setsuko Ishiyama Provostial Professorship

Eric Lambin

W. M. Keck Professorship

Robert B. Dunbar

Dorrell William Kirby Professorship

Gordon E. Brown, Jr.

Wayne Loel Professorship

Gregory C. Beroza

Otto N. Miller Professorship

Louis J. Durlofsky

Barney and Estelle Morris Professorship

David D. Pollard

Benjamin M. Page Professorship

Mark D. Zoback

Vicki & Roger Sant Directorship of the Earth Systems Program

Kevin R. Arrigo

Max Steineke Professorship

Donald R. Lowe

Donald and Donald M. Steel Professorship

Kevin R. Arrigo

Sykes Family E-IPER Directorship

Peter M. Vitousek

Cyrus Fisher Tolman Professorship

Steven M. Gorelick

William Wrigley Professorship

Rosamond Naylor