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Energy Resources Engineering

We teach courses and perform research relevant to the production and transformation of energy resources.

Creating a sustainable energy future

ERE's Mission

We train future leaders in the science and engineering of Earth's energy resources. We combine theory, experiments, and computation to understand and influence the global energy resources landscape. We are committed to leading the way to provide the people, methods, and tools for sustainable management of the Earth's energy resources.

Meet the Faculty

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Energy Resources Engineering News

Energy 167/267 hosts annual Town Hall Meeting

Town Hall Meeting: Ban on New Drilling and Ceasing Oil Production in the City of Los Angeles: How it Affects Energy Supply, Local Economy, Health and Safety (A Dramatization)

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Accelerating Climate Change Mitigation with Machine Learning: The Case of Carbon Storage

Climate change mitigation is about reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The worldwide goal is to reach net zero, which means balancing the amount of GHG emissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere.

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Thinking beyond the academic degree

A new certificate program provides a framework for Stanford Earth graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to learn new skills, gain practical experience, and produce portfolio pieces that will broaden their professional preparedness. The program will be carried into the new school focused on climate and sustainability.

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Researchers team with smallholder farmers to address 'the dried chilies problem'

Stanford researchers worked with chili farmers in India for more than four years to develop a solar-powered technology to improve the quality, quantity, and profitability of dried agricultural produce. A new study addresses not only technical challenges, but also barriers to adoption. (Source: Precourt Institute for Energy)

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2021 Semi-finalist winner for Landscapes

Milky Way Rise over Banner Lake. This photo was taken by ERE PhD student Nora Hennessy in the Inyo National Forest in August during a backpacking trip. The core of the Milky Way is just over the peak. Nora won first place for her shot of the Milky Way rising over Half Dome in Yosemite in the 2020 photo contest.

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Energy Resources Engineering is a global community. Our faculty, students and alumni are all around the world.

ERE DEI Vision Statement

Our community of faculty, staff, students and alumni is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, supportive, diverse, and equitable environment which celebrates all cultures and backgrounds. Our purpose is to foster open communications, recruit and engage diverse talent, and ensure that all members of our community have the opportunity to thrive and contribute within their educational, research and professional endeavors. We are committed to embedding these DEI values throughout the fabric of our department's educational mission, while also supporting the School of Earth’s broader DEI efforts.

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Our interdisciplinary collaborators

Stanford Earth faculty work with researchers across multiple departments at Stanford, often through  interdisciplinary programs supported by the the Precourt Institute for Energy, the Woods Institute for the Environment, and the Natural Gas Initiative.

Precourt Institute for Energy

A university-wide resource for energy research, conferences, and connections.

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Woods Institute for the Environment

The institute supports research on sustainability challenges and connects scholars with decision makers to create practical solutions for real-world issues.

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Natural Gas Initiative

The Natural Gas Initiative develops solutions to bridge our energy needs towards a more secure and cleaner energy future.

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Parking at Stanford ERE

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