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Energy Resources Engineering

We teach courses and perform research relevant to the production and transformation of energy resources.

About Us

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We develop the engineering science and educate the human resources needed to sustain and diversify the Earth’s energy supply. We seek to influence and adapt to the changing energy landscape.

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Hamdi Tchelepi, Professor of Energy Resources Engineering and Department Chairperson awards degrees to recent graduates.

Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the Department of Energy Resources Engineering (ERE). We are one of four academic departments in Stanford’s School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences (SE3). One of our key goals is to understand the Earth’s subsurface resources and to develop the engineering science necessary to manage these resources responsibly. We are committed to influencing and adapting to the changing energy landscape.


Research and teaching in ERE deal with understanding the Earth’s energy resources and developing advanced methods and tools to manage these complex dynamical systems. The ERE department is renowned for theoretical, experimental, and computational research on multiphase flow and transport processes in porous media. Our activities span reservoir characterization and engineering applications, including resource management of conventional, unconventional, and geothermal reservoirs. Long-term storage of carbon dioxide in subsurface formations is also an important area of interest.


More recently, ERE faculty and students have been addressing the modeling and optimization of complex energy systems in the presence of uncertainty. Energy storage technologies, including battery design and control, are emerging areas of research. Analysis of the evolving energy system – globally, nationally and regionally – is also part of ERE’s mission. We apply formal life-cycle analysis techniques to understand the full impacts of existing and proposed energy technologies.


ERE currently has 10 full-time faculty members. We also have close to 15 other affiliated faculty and research scientists. The department is home to around 80 Ph.D. and 35 M.S. students. These students possess diverse backgrounds and research interests and represent a wide range of countries. We also have a small cohort of undergraduate students, and 14 post-doctoral researchers. In addition, we typically welcome a number of visiting professors, researchers and students.


The Department enjoys strong relationships with industry, both in terms of research and recruiting. ERE graduates are consistently in high demand in many application areas. Each year, the Department admits approximately 20 new graduate students into our M.S. and Ph.D. programs.


Best wishes, 

Hamdi Tchelepi, Professor of Energy Resources Engineering and Department Chairperson


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