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Name Title Current Research Contact
Ilenia Battiato Assistant Professor of Energy Resources Engineering

Energy and environment (battery systems; superhydrophobicity and drag reduction; carbon sequestration); multiscale, mesoscale and hybrid simulations (multiphase and reactive transport processes); effective medium theories; perturbation methods, homogenization and upscaling.
Sally Benson Director, Precourt Institute for Energy and Professor of Energy Resources Engineering and Senior Fellow at the Precourt Institute for Energy

My research is focused on reducing the risks of climate change by developing energy supplies with low carbon emissions. Students and post-doctoral fellows in my research group work on carbon dioxide storage, energy systems analysis, and pathways for transitioning to a low-carbon energy system.

Yang and Yamazaki Environment and Energy Bldg.
(650) 725-0358
Adam Brandt Assistant Professor of Energy Resources Engineering

Greenhouse gas emissions, energy systems optimization, mathematical modeling of resource depletion, life cycle analysis

066 Green Earth Sciences Building
(650) 724-8251
Louis Durlofsky Otto N. Miller Professor in Earth Sciences

General reservoir simulation, optimization, reduced-order modeling, upscaling, flow in fractured systems, history matching, CO2 sequestration, energy systems optimization

64 Green Earth Sciences Building
(650) 723-4142, (650) 725-9835
Margot Gerritsen Associate Professor of Energy Resources Engineering, Director of the Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering, with courtesy appointment in Mechanical Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering

I specialize in renewable and fossil energy production. I am also active in coastal ocean dynamics and yacht design, as well as several areas in computational mathematics including search algorithm design and matrix computations.

GESB 088, M10 Huang
(650) 725-3542, (650) 725-2727
Roland Horne Thomas Davies Barrow Professor in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences and Senior Fellow at the Precourt Institute for Energy

Well Testing, Optimisation and Geothermal Reservoir Engineering

098 Green Earth Sci
(650) 723-9595, (650) 725-9835
Anthony Kovscek Keleen and Carlton Beal Professor in Energy Resources Engineering

I am interested in the recovery of unconventional hydrocarbon resources and mitigating carbon emissions from fossil fuels via geological sequestration of greenhouse gases. My research group and I examine the physics of flow through porous media at length scales that vary from the pore to the laboratory to the reservoir.

Department of Energy Resources Engineering
(650) 723-1218
Tapan Mukerji Associate Professor (Research) of Energy Resources Engineering and of Geophysics

My students and I use theoretical, computational, and statistical models, to discover and understand fundamental relations between geophysical data and subsurface properties, to quantify uncertainty in our geomodels, and to address value of information for decision making under uncertainty.

(650) 721-1263
Daniel Tartakovsky Professor of Energy Resources Engineering

Environmental fluid mechanics, Applied and computational mathematics, Biomedical modeling.

367 Panama Street
(650) 498-8791
Hamdi Tchelepi Professor of Energy Resources Engineering Energy Resources Engineering
(650) 723-9476