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Energy Resources Engineering

We teach courses and perform research relevant to the production and transformation of energy resources.

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ERE Adjunct Professor, Richard Sears

ERE Alumni Talk - February 24, 2021

ERE Adjunct Professor, Richard Sears, will talk to us about his experiences during the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill of 2010 and what has changed regarding practice and policy in the decade since.  

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ERE Alum, Hormoz Ameri

Inaugural ERE Alumni Talk

On October 21, 2020, ERE Alumnus Hormoz Ameri was the subject of our inaugural alum talk. Hormoz provided current students, faculty, staff and his fellow alums with details about how he arrived to Stanford University, his position as a leader in the industry, his philanthropic work in the communities he belongs to and continuing support and engagement with the department and larger Stanford community. 

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Stanford SPE Student Chapter President and event moderator, Ricardo Deucher

ERE Alumni Panel - October 7, 2020

On October 7, 2020, a panel of recent ERE graduates participated in a panel focused on orienting new students, providing insights into their experiences in the department, research, graduation, career planning and their journeys so far.  They also offered "words of wisdom" to an audience (which included faculty, staff and fellow alumni) about the industry in 2020.  

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