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Earth Systems Program

Investigate the complex interaction of humans and nature.

Scholars & Awards

Earth Systems Scholars

The Earth Systems Scholars Award (formerly the Earth Systems Volpert Scholars Award), provides financial support for work on research projects and internships undertaken by Earth Systems majors.


  • Jessa Clark
  • Lexi Neilan
  • Samantha Faul 
  • Daela Tipton
  • Diego Sancho
  • Michael Burnett
  • David Tattoni
  • Helena Silva-Nichols
  • Lottie Mitchell 
  • Carolyn Rice 


  • Annie Dillon
  • Jessica Eggers
  • Songhee Han
  • Blaire Hunter
  • Madeline Lisiaius
  • Elise Miller
  • Ashley Overbeek
  • Kira Smiley
  • ​Ada Statler-Throckmorton

2016-17 Volpert Project Descriptions



  • Ariel Bobbett
  • Michaela Elias
  • Jonathan Fisk
  • Joe Hack 
  • Madeline Lisaius
  • Rosemary Mena-Werth
  • Kira Minehart   
  • Andreas Ratteray   
  • Nic Romano 
  • Anna Wietelmann

2015-16 Volpert Project Descriptions


  • Isabella Badia-Bellinger
  • Johnny Caspers
  • Lauren Gibson
  • Yarrow Greaney
  • Indigo Johnson
  • Alicia Menendez
  • Catie Mong
  • Fiona Noonan
  • Evan Patrick
  • Michael Penuelas
  • Adrienne Pollack

2014-15 Volpert Project Descriptions

Commencement Awards

William W. Whitley Citizen-Scholar prize, awards for outstanding research & undergrad academic achievement, outstanding service to the Earth Systems Program, excellence in the Senior Capstone, and the Firestone Medal

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Earth Systems Scholar Award and other resources

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