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Head Teaching Assistants

Profile Image for Kira Minehart
Masters Student in Earth Systems
Kira migrated from the golden cornfields of rural Wisconsin to the golden hills of California to study environmental science, learn how to downhill ski, and visit as many of the West’s iconic National Parks as she could. So far, she’s doing a pretty good job. Kira pursued a degree in Earth Systems at Stanford with a focus in environmental communication and geospatial analysis. She hopes to use these skills to communicate often-controversial issues like climate change to the broader public. To gain first hand experience in this field, she is serving as the Head Teaching assistant for Earth Systems 10. Through this experience, she hopes to hone her communication skills and inspire the next generation of environmental stewards. She hopes to visit a few more National Parks, too.
Profile Image for Scott Roycroft
Masters Student in Earth Systems
Scott was raised in Marin County with a love for hiking and mountain biking along the golden ridges and through the redwood forests of Mount Tamalpais. With a growing love for the outdoors and passion for the environment Scott came to Stanford as a member of the Men’s Rowing Team where he would compete and grow over the next four years. Outside of rowing, Scott found his immediate second home in the Earth Systems Program studying Land Systems. Under the tutelage of Stanford PHD candidate Dana Chadwick, Scott studied the nutrient concentrations of Amazonian soils that led to his research interest in biogeochemistry and soil science. Currently Scott is a member of Scott Fendorf’s lab studying the temporal and hydraulic controls of uranium mobility in surface soils. As a Head TA, he hopes to combine his scientific background with his love for teaching and group leadership to impassion and educate students about the earth. Looking forward Scott hopes to continue fostering appreciation for earth’s dynamics and its inhabitants and riding his bicycle over many mountains ahead.