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CBD 2021: Inner Transformation and Sustainability with Christine Wamsler

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CBD 2021: Inner Transformation and Sustainability with Christine Wamsler

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Contemplation by Design, Stanford Prevention Research Center, Department of Medicine

Christine Wamsler, Professor of Sustainability Science at Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies and director of the Contemplative Sustainable Futures Program will explore the topic of inner transformation from the perspective of sustainability. She will address questions including: What do we currently know about the interplay of inner transformation and sustainability? And what is needed for this interplay to move forward to reach the goals for sustainable development? Christine will illuminate the gap that exists between the current trends and theories in the work on sustainability and the current work on inner transformation or personal development. Wamlser highlights how moving forward to address climate change requires bridging this gap. She makes the case for a paradigm shift, allowing us to see sustainability challenges, such as climate change, not as technical, external problems, but as relationship problems. This makes it possible to broaden the scope to find new ways of tapping into our human potential to care, commit to, and effect change toward sustainability at individual, collective and systems level. The Contemplative Sustainable Futures Program aims to create space and opportunities for such learning, networking and knowledge development. Related examples of research at the intersection of the mind, mindfulness and climate will be presented.

Christine Wamsler is an internationally-renowned expert in sustainable development and associated (inner and outer) transformation processes, with more than 20 years of experience. Her work has shaped international debates and increased knowledge on personal, organizational and policy transformations in a context of climate change. She has led many international projects and published about 200 academic papers, book chapters, and books on these issues. Her publications are regularly cited and used for practice, theory and policy development, including by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Her recent publications on inner-outer transformation for sustainability can be found here (under the heading ‘publications’).

Inner Transformation and Sustainability is part of the free Contemplation by Design Summit, Oct. 25-Nov. 2, 2021.

The full Summit schedule is posted at: All events are FREE and online.

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