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Contemplation By Design Summit, Oct. 25 -Nov. 2, 2021

Monday, Oct 25, 2021 12:00 AM
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Contemplation By Design Summit, Oct. 25 -Nov. 2, 2021

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Contemplation by Design, Stanford Prevention Research Center, School of Medicine

FREE events will be offered October 25 – November 2, 2021, to further individual, community, and planetary health and well-being, and creative excellence to serve the greater good.  

The 2021 Summit focuses on a contemplative approach to climate change and skills to cultivate healthy relationships among humans and earth systems through wise, compassionate, competent action. The intention of the Summit is to deepen awareness of the interconnectedness of all life and to cultivate skillful stewardship of our personal and planetary health. Through interdisciplinary exploration of contemplative traditions and the science of climate change, participants will develop greater knowledge and skills for individual and collective sustainability action plans, practices, and policies.

Faculty, staff, students, and the community are invited. Please register to reserve your place in the sessions. Thank you. Daily events include morning, midday, and evening sessions. 

Contemplation By Design is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, campus-wide program cultivating resilience, well-being, wisdom, compassion, and sustainable, ethical, purposeful service. Summit participants will have the opportunity to cultivate perspective, meaningful purpose, and contemplative practices that refresh resilience and renew resolve to serve the well-being of all. Tia Rich, PhD, Director, Contemplation by Design, also teaches the School of Medicine courses CHPR 233: Contemplative Science and CHPR 234: Applying Contemplative Practices.

The full Summit schedule is posted at: All events are FREE and online.

After Sept. 1, 2021, REGISTER HERE.

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