Stanford University

Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series: Jana Hennig

Wednesday, February 20, 12:00pm-1:00pm
Green 365
Educational Affairs

"The Joy of Zig- Zagging"

Jana Hennig, MS-EIPER (Oceans) ’17 & MBA ’16, is the Executive Director of Positively Groundfish, a new non-profit dedicated to promoting sustainable and underutilized fish species from the West Coast and shifting consumer behavior toward sustainable options.

Before returning to Stanford for her masters, she spent 10 years exploring different avenues for having impact, working alternately for non-profits and corporations, across 4 disciplines and 8 countries.

Jana makes the case for a non-linear career, encourages us to resist the sway of path dependency and outlines examples of meaningful careers outside of academia. She will share her personal motivation and experience of her career pivots and will offer practical advice on how to change direction and start anew without starting at the bottom.


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