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Erasmus Oware, SUNY, Process-Based Constraint for High-Resolution Proxy-Modeling in Geophysics

Thursday, Mar 4, 2021 12:00 PM
Where:  Passcode: 083990
General Public
Geophysics Department

Erasmus Oware

Department of Geology, SUNY at Buffalo

Process-Based Constraint for High-Resolution Proxy-Modeling in Geophysics

Geophysical estimation problems involve forward and inverse computations with several computations of complex, full-physics forward a problem that can become computationally prohibitive and intractable in high-dimensional problems. Moreover, we typically compute both the forward and inverse problems on the same grid (dimensionality), which imposes an implicit constraint on the spatial resolution of the Earth model that can be recovered. In this presentation, I will discuss a novel process-based proxy-modeling strategy that decouples the dimensionalities of the forward and inverse problems into two separate levels of approximations. Specifically, the method performs: 1) the forward computations on a coarser spatial discretization compared to the full-dimensionality of the desired Earth model, and 2) the inverse computations proceed in the reduced-dimensionality space of the desired process model, which allows the estimation of a small number of model parameters to predict the high-resolution target Earth model. I will demonstrate the ability of the presented proxy-approximation strategy to recover high-resolution Earth models at a significantly reduced computational overhead.  Passcode: 083990

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