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ERE Seminar: Miguel Bosch (Info Geosciences Technology & Services) - Inverse problems in reservoir..

Monday, Feb 3, 2020 12:30 PM
Room 104, Green Earth Sciences Building, 367 Panama Street, Stanford
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ERE Seminar: Miguel Bosch (Info Geosciences Technology & Services) - Inverse pr…
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Energy Resources Engineering

Miguel Bosch, PhD |  Info Geosciences Technology and Services

Inverse problems in reservoir complex models - advances and future

Complex models in Earth Sciences refer to the combination of multiple properties, scales, observations, and physics relating the various model components for the description of geological objects. As natural objects the reservoirs, earth crust or planets require a multidisciplinary description. Formulating such a description into a joint numerical framework is important for modeling and inference. This involves modeling through a network of observations and model components related by the corresponding scientific disciplines: geophysical survey methods, rock-physics, geology, geochemistry, etc. Moreover, geometric advance in computational resources, data availability and algorithms, opens the opportunity for integrative applications to alleviate current long workflows of processes and intervening specialists.  The probabilistic inference method provides the natural mathematical framework for the formulation of these problems, considering the modeling of prior information and data likelihood functions to combine in the posterior probability associated to configurations of the complex model. I briefly review the basic formulation, present examples of applications to reservoir cases, and discuss about the future of reservoir model building technology.

Miguel Bosch is CTO of Info Geosciences Technology and Services, company that delivers services and technical development for the oil industry, and consultancy in geophysical inversion and reservoir characterization. He was professor of Applied Physics and Geophysics in the Universidad Central of Venezuela (1990-2015). Miguel graduated with a Ph.D in Geophysics of the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris and was visiting fellow of the Earth Sciences Department of Cambridge University at UK. During his career in the academy and industry he developed research in the areas of geophysical inversion, reservoir characterization and inference based on the combination of multiple types of data, information and knowledge. He is active member of the SEG, AGU, EAGE, AAPG and IAMG. With the SEG, he serves as Associate Editor of the journal Geophysics in the area of Reservoir Geophysics.

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