Stanford University

Geological Sciences Seminar: Dr. Arya Udry, UNLV

Braun Corner Building 320 room 220 and Zoom
Alumni, Faculty, Staff, Students
Department of Geological Sciences

What can we learn from martian samples?

Rovers and orbiters have allowed us to better understand Mars surficial and other geological processes. Martian meteorites, which are our only samples from this planet, can help constraining magmatic processes that occurred on Mars through precise and accurate Earth-based analyses. Although only 176 meteorites from Mars have been recovered, they have helped us unravel the martian crust and mantle using classic petrological analyses.

Dr. Arya Udry is an associate professor at UNLV. Her research program seeks to better constrain the interior composition, magmatic processes, and general evolution of the planet Mars through meteorite and rover data analyses. Her martian studies include comprehensive petrological analyses of martian samples to mimic the scale of terrestrial geological studies. She also analyzes martian rover data to understand the formation of rare martian rocks with felsic compositions. Arya is a participating scientist on the Mars 2020 mission.

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