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Geological Sciences Seminar: Luca Caricchi, University of Geneva

Tuesday, Nov 9, 2021 12:15 PM
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Department of Geological Science

The architecture of plumbing systems using machine learning thermobarometry and chemometry

Professor Luca Caricchi will be introducing the fundamentals of the machine learning approach he used to estimate pressure and temperature of crystallisation, and melt in equilibrium with clinopyroxene and amphibole. He will also present an application of this approach to St. Kitts (Lesser Antilles), Mt. Etna and Colli Albani (Italy) as these systems erupt magmas of a wide compositional variety and are located in different geotectonic settings.

Luca Caricchi is a petrologist and volcanologist that combines classic petrography, geochemistry, statistics, and machine learning to quantify magma fluxes through the Earth’s crust and identify the magmatic processes modulating the frequency, magnitude and intensity of volcanic eruptions. 

Email Rey Garduño,, for Zoom link and password.

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