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Geological Sciences Seminar: Sonia Tikoo, Stanford University

Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020 12:00 PM
GeoCorner 220 - 450 Serra Mall, Building 320
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Faculty/Staff, Students, Alumni/Friends
Department of Geological Science

** Please join us for coffee and cookies in the GeoCorner Undergraduate lounge (bldg. 320, rm 114) before the talk, at 11:30am! - Seminar will be in room 220~

Magnetism with an impact: Chicxulub crater

Impact cratering is a ubiquitous geological process that modifies the surfaces of planetary bodies across our solar system.  Impacts expose rocks to powerful shock waves and heat.  Post-impact cooling of craters may drive hydrothermal systems that can persist for hundreds of thousands of years.  Because heat, shock, and hydrothermalism are all capable of resetting rock magnetization, the field of paleomagnetism may be used as a powerful tool to investigate the physical conditions associated with impact events.  Here, we discuss how paleomagnetism is used to constrain shock the extent of shock heating within target rocks as well as the nature and duration of post-impact hydrothermal activity at the Chicxulub crater, Mexico. 

The speaker, Sonia Tikoo, is an Assistant Professor of Geophysics and, by courtesy, Geological Sciences at Stanford University.  She earned a B.S. degree in Geology and History (Minor) from the California Institute of Technology in 2008 and. Ph.D. in Planetary Sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2014. 

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