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Joan Gomberg, USGS, University of Washington-Sleuthing Slip on the Seafloor

Thursday, May 13, 2021 12:00 PM
Where: pass code: 467202
General Public
Geophysics Department

Joan Gomberg

USGS, University of Washington

Sleuthing Slip on the Seafloor

Advances in seafloor data acquisition and analysis, and the growth of populations vulnerable to coastal and offshore geologic hazards, have motivated a new era of studies focused on understanding tectonic processes that take place beneath the oceans. These processes involve seafloor deformation due to earthquakes and transient slow aseismic slip on faults, and slip along slope failure surfaces. Earthquake shaking may initiate slope failure, which in turn may result in major remobilization and redistribution of sediment. We have been exploring the potential of seafloor pressure measurements, combined with other data types, for use in detecting and characterizing these slip processes. A major, and often unappreciated challenge arises from the need to discriminate between ocean circulation-generated and much smaller tectonically-generated pressure signals with similar temporal characteristics. We opportunistically use data not designed for these purposes, from the Cascadia, Hikurangi, Nankai, and Alaska subduction zones. Additionally, we suggest that ocean circulation pressure changes may not only be a source of noise, but actually influence the slip processes. pass code: 467202

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