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Mathieu Lapôtre-Stanford-Comparative Planetology to Decipher Mechanics of Surface Processes

Thursday, Oct 21, 2021 12:00 PM
Where: pass code: 271828
Faculty/Staff, Students
Geophysics Department

Mathieu Lapôtre

Department of Geological Sciences, Stanford University

The Power of Comparative Planetology to Decipher the Mechanics of Surface Processes and Their Records pass code: 271828

Landforms, shaped by interactions between geophysical fluids and planetary surfaces, encode information about hydrology, climate, and the overall environment that may be preserved over geologic timescales. Thus, understanding the mechanics of surface processes that shape the landscapes of planets is key to deciphering their respective paleoenvironmental records. To date, the majority of mechanistic models for surface processes were derived from observations of modern Earth, where life thrives. The applicability of these models is often limited to those systems that most closely resemble modern terrestrial conditions, impeding our ability to reliably decipher the environmental records of other planets and the early Earth. The diversity of planetary bodies in our Solar System allows us to approach comparative planetology as a full-scale experiment, where other bodies offer unique opportunities to develop more robust models and expand their applicability. In this seminar, I will illustrate how a dialogue between the Earth and planetary sciences can increase our ability to interpret the landscapes and rocks of the Solar System. pass code: 271828

The presentation will not be recorded

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