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Natural Capital Conversations - Advances in land-use planning in the Amazon

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Natural Capital Conversations - Advances in land-use planning in the Amazon

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To see the visible effects of the human footprint on natural ecosystems, look no further than the Amazon rainforest. As in most of the world, agricultural expansion and intensification are driving land-use and land-cover change in the Amazon. The world’s largest tropical forest has exceptionally high rates of land use change that are accelerating forest loss to a critical threshold. Scientists and civil society are increasingly documenting the connection between forests and land use that serve as input for government decision-making. Land use planning is a systematic, multi-stakeholder process that can provide a sustainable means for local people to manage natural resources in a way that meets the needs of both current and future generations. In this session, the panelists will present their experiences working in different countries with government agencies in the Amazon on land use planning as a tool to deter deforestation and preserve ecosystem services.

This session will be presented in Spanish with live, simultaneous translation into English.
Esta sesión se ofrecerá tanto en español como en inglés.

Moderator & Panelist:

  • Marcelo Guevara, Research Associate, The Natural Capital Project, Stanford University (Moderator)
  • Rodrigo Botero García, Managing Director, Fundación para la Conservación y el Desarrollo Sostenible in Colombia
  • Avecita Chicchón, Program Director of Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Andes-Amazon Initiative
  • Armando Muñante, SUNASS, National Superintendence of Sanitation Services in Peru
  • Rodrigo Sierra, President and Founder de GeoIS from Ecuador
  • Carlos Souza, CEO and Co-Founder of Terras App Solutions & Research Associate at Imazon
  • Marta Torres, CINCIA, Center for Amazonian Scientific Innovation in Peru


The Natural Capital Conversations is the newest addition to NatCap’s virtual programming. Join us for monthly live conversations with expert panelists from across NatCap’s diverse network of scientists, practitioners, and leaders in government and the private sector.

Our Conversations format is designed to spark engaging discussion, learn from others’ experiences, and promote connections with collaborators old and new.

In 2021, the events will feature everything from climate-smart coastal planning to cultural ecosystem services and more. We encourage you to participate in the live sessions, where you’ll be able to engage with panelists. Each session’s recording will be posted on our YouTube page after the event. 

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