Stanford University

For New Postdocs: Designing Your Postdoc (OPA)

Friday, Dec. 14 9am-12pm with lunch provided 12-1pm
Alway M112
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Educational Affairs

This 3-hour interactive workshop is intended to help onboard new postdocs, introduce them to resources on campus, and encourage them to think about their training, their goals, and their options. We provide a series of assessments and then work on a training plan, using design thinking which consists of (a) identifying needs, (b) refining those needs to better understand what drives them, (c) brainstorming some approaches to meeting those needs, (d) prototyping a plan, and (e) testing that plan. These are the basic components of design thinking, and can be readily applied to numerous types of plans. 

Target Audience: postdocs who have been here for 6 months or less. A mid-career postdoc version will be offered later in the year.

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