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Nicholas Ouellette-Stanford University-Incipient Motion in Eroding Granular Beds

Thursday, Oct 28, 2021 12:00 PM
Where: pass code: 271828
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Geophysics Department

Nicholas Ouellette

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University

 Incipient Motion in Eroding Granular Beds

Granular packings on Earth's surface are regularly subjected to shear flows, as they are typically exposed either to moving water or air. These flows agitate the packings, and may erode them by removing grains given sufficient flow strength. Incipient motion of the packings (that is, the point in parameter space when a nonzero net downstream flux of grains appears) is typically thought to occur at a critical value of the Shields number, which balances the shear stress delivered to the grains with the weight of a grain. However, such a simple framework cannot directly account for either the complex physics of granular packings or of turbulent flows. I will discuss both simple numerical models and laboratory experiments aimed at elucidating the consequences of these effects on predicting incipient motion.   pass code: 271828                            

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