Stanford University

Pro-Seminar: Strategies for Teaching in the Geosciences - Teaching in the Field (Rob Dunbar)

Friday, December 6, 12-1:15pm
Hartley Conference Room
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Postdocs, Graduate Students
Educational Affairs

The Pro-Seminar Series is a professional and skill development seminar lead by Stanford Earth ‘pros.' Have an honest conversation with faculty and staff experts about the challenges and opportunities you face. Pro-Seminars are held typically the first Friday of the Month | 12-1:15p | Lunch is included!

This month, hear from Rob Dunbar (Professor, Earth System Science) as he discusses teaching in the field.

In the earth sciences, you will mostly likely find yourself teaching somewhere or someplace where you will not have the familiar classroom conveniences - powerpoint, tabletops and chairs, a clock, and peace and quiet. Are you prepared to teach in the field?  Field courses can range from multiple day-long field trips, 3 to 4 week seminars, to 10 weeks spent entirely in remote locations. We'll discuss the kinds of pedagogies that can be deployed, finding the  right balance between organized instructional/work time and less organized reflective time, and how field courses are funded.


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