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Storytelling and Science Communication

Monday, December 9 2-3:30pm
Y2E2 Room 299
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Postdocs and Graduate Students
Educational Affairs

Storytelling is embedded into the human experience and, unsurprisingly, lots of fantastic stories have resulted from scientific discoveries. A great story helps make complex theories and concepts understandable and exciting: think of Isaac Newton and his appleRachel Carson and pesticidesCharles Darwin and the Galapagos -- scientists whose tales sparked public interest and helped to advance their respective fields. A good story can also be incredibly helpful to you in communicating your research. In this workshop you’ll learn how science communication needs grounding in storytelling, also known as human-centered communication, in order to be relevant to a wider audience. You’ll leave understanding how to identify what makes for a compelling tale as well as what is required to begin crafting your own science storytelling experience.

Come prepared to engage in experiential activities! Please RSVP here as we will provide snacks and handouts to participants.

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