Stanford University

Tarje Nissen-Meyer, Good Vibrations? Deciphering Seismic Wavefields for Deep Earth, Shallow Mars, Ex

Thursday, Feb 20, 2020 12:00 PM
Mitchell Building, Room 350/372
Geophysics Department


Tarje Nissen-Meyer

Department of Geophysics, University of Oxford 

Good Vibrations:  Deciphering Seismic Wavefields for Deep Earth, Shallow Mars, Explosions and Elephants

Date: Thursday, February 20, 2020

Location:  Mitchell 350/372

Time:  12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

Host: Greg Beroza



Seismic vibrations penetrate our planet across many orders of magnitude, and recent developments in instrumentation, software and computing resources allow us to infer their underlying origin and Earth structure in unprecedented detail. In this talk, I will argue that the wealth of information encoded in 4D seismic wavefields vastly exceeds those bits of wiggles that are conventionally captured and utilized for geophysical inference. By using novel numerical methods, deep learning, array techniques, and new measurements, we can now capture and decipher realistic wavefield complexity to much greater effect. Such a wave-physics based approach is especially crucial for complex structures, and can be applied to a large variety of unresolved problems. Driven by these developments, I will present our work on illuminating the deep Earth in unprecedented detail, understanding Martian waveforms, improving nuclear monitoring techniques, and assessing the seismo-acoustic imprint of Kenyan wildlife.

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