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VPGE Quick Bytes: Psychological Safety in High Performing Teams

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Why do some teams consistently outperform others? What predicts team performance? And why should it matter to you? Whether you bounce ideas off of others in your lab, collaborate with coauthors to submit papers, or are planning to work in industry after your graduation--you will be involved in teams where your success hinges in part on others around you. Drawing on research from Google, Matt Vassar (the creator of the popular ENGR 103/203: Public Speaking course) will guide you through a number of activities designed to build the psychological safety within a team that brings out everybody's best.

Matt Vassar, lecturer in the Stanford School of Engineering Techincal Communications Program

About Quick Bytes

Get valuable professional development wisdom that you can apply right away! Quick Bytes sessions cover a variety of topics and include lunch. Relevant to graduate students at any stage in any degree program.

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