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Yongsoo Park PhD Defense - Next-Generation Earthquake Monitoring

Green Earth Sciences Building, 365

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Webinar passcode: 353518

Earthquake monitoring programs such as the one operated by the United States Geological Survey provide near-real-time information of earthquakes occurring around the globe. However, the provided information is often incomplete or not detailed enough that often motivates users to reprocess the recorded continuous waveform data when analyzing seismicity in specific regions. This can delay the progress in understanding ongoing seismic sequences or making decisions that can be time sensitive. In this dissertation, I introduce a concept of next-generation earthquake monitoring - an earthquake monitoring task that aims at averting data reprocessing needs and delivering near-real-time information in a way that users can better utilize and interpret. I develop and explain in detail various approaches that can boost the standard workflow of building earthquake catalogs to the next level where high-quality earthquake catalogs can be produced almost fully automatically. I also demonstrate the value of next-generation earthquake monitoring through various cases studies of induced earthquakes in the mid-continent oil and gas province of the United States.

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