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Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our summer research program.

Can I take a class during the summer in addition to doing research?

No. If you ask for the full stipend, that is equivalent to working 40 hours a week - a full-time job. We don't recommend taking classes on top of that, because one of the benefits of engaging in research over the summer is being able to really focus on it. If you want to take a class, consider asking for less than the full stipend (perhaps equivalent to 30 hours per week).

I'm going to be abroad spring quarter. Can I still receive funding for the summer?

Yes, that's no problem. We still ask students who are going to be abroad during spring to enroll in EARTH 100 and to submit assignments through Canvas.

I'm going to be abroad fall quarter and won't be able to present at SURPS. Can I still receive funding?

Yes, that's no problem. We will ask you to present at ASURPS and the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences Research Review during spring quarter instead.

How does housing work?

You can apply for summer housing through Stanford for either 8 or 10 weeks. If you are going to be in the field a lot, or plan to work for fewer weeks, you might consider finding off-campus housing.

How do I get paid? What about taxes?

We suggest you set up direct deposit so the funds are directly transferred to your bank account.  Checks are sent to your address on file and too many times end up in locked PO boxes that you can't get to if you are off campus. To learn more about taxes and tax forms, read this from the student financial services.

Can you tell me more about the time commitment/expectation?

You can apply for up to 10 weeks of funding (5 week projects are hard, 8 weeks might be right for you).  You will be expected to work full time - 40 hours per week - during that time period.  You can not start working during the spring term.  This is summer funding.

For 2019, we recommend the 10 week period from June 25 (1 week after finals) through August 31. 

What if there are other costs for my research?

You should talk to your faculty advisor about costs for supplies and travel. SESUR funds no longer accept students applications for these expenses.  Faculty can contact the SESUR program director to ask for up $500 per students.  This is new in 2019 so please provide us feedback on this change.

Jenny Saltzman
Jenny Saltzman
Director of Outreach Education

Additional Questions?

If you don't see your question and answer here, please contact Jenny Saltzman at

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