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Field Resources

Stanford EARTH Travel Registry

All field-related travel and course-related travel (including day trips), must be registered through the Stanford EARTH Travel Registry. The information collected (basic travel plans, participants information, and emergency contact info) will be used by your department/program staff and the Field Education Office to better provide logistics prior to departure (if requested) as well as any required support in emergencies. 

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Reserve a Field Vehicle

The School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences maintains a fleet of 5 large-capacity vehicles to support student, faculty and staff undertaking field trips, field courses and field research.

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Field Equipment

Stanford Earth maintains camping, safety, and vehicle equipment that Stanford students and faculty may borrow to conduct research or study trips in the field.  

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Field Safety

Leave an itinerary, list of participants, and emergency contact information behind with your department or program. Make sure they know how to get in contact with you in case of emergency.

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Tom Koos
Tom Koos

Need Field Resources?

Contact Tom Koos, our Associate Director of Facilities and Planning for health, safety and field resources at or (650) 736-1002. Tom handles field equipment, vehicles, and safety for Stanford Earth. For course and program information, contact Ryan Petterson at

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