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Research Groups

These short profiles offer examples of the many approaches we use to study the Earth through the use of geology, mathematics, and physics.

Graduate Program

Graduate studies in the Department of Geophysics involve academic course work and independent research. Our programs grant Ph.D. and M.S. degrees.

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate students interested in Geophysics as a major, a minor, or a concentration can find an exciting learning environment in the Department of Geophysics.

Research Facilities

Our researchers have access to a wide variety of laboratories and equipment, either within our department or in associated departments.


Ancient 'topsy-turvy' climate in western U.S. informs current climate models

Kate Maher and her team of scientists at Stanford and Vanderbilt Universities have created the first comprehensive map of the topsy-turvy climate of the western U.S. and are using it to test and improve the ability of global climate models to predict future precipitation patterns.

Stanford scientists use ocean waves to monitor offshore oil and gas fields

New technique exploits naturally occurring seismic waves to probe seafloor at less expense, and with fewer ill effects on marine life.

Freshwater challenge

Earlier this fall, a team led by Rosemary Knight performed an ambitious experiment to determine the extent of ocean saltwater intrusion into freshwater aquifers in the Monterey Bay region.

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