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To be considered for funding upon admission, simply check the box on the admissions application that indicates that you wish to be considered for financial aid; there are no additional forms or materials to be submitted beyond the regular application. Graduate students admitted to Geophysics typically receive substantial financial aid (including tuition) from combinations of departmental fellowships, teaching or research assistantships, and other sources (including external fellowships).  Please note on your application if you are receiving other fellowships, government funding, or company financial support. The department's funding package typically covers up to 10 units of tuition and provides a quarterly salary.

The Geophysics Admissions committee highly recommends applicants to contact the Geophysics faculty member they are interested in working with to inquire about the faculty members research interests and if the faculty member is considering accepting students for the upcoming admissions cycle.

External Funding

Prospective students are strongly encouraged to apply for external fellowships, such as the National Science Foundation. If the external fellowship is not sufficient to cover the standard department support level, a supplement is typically provided by the University, the department or a research advisor.

Graduate Application Fee Waiver

If you are considering applying to Stanford graduate programs and need assistance with the application fees, consider applying for a fee waiver. Fee waiver requests must be submitted at least 15 business days in advance of the application deadline. Please visit this website for more information:

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