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Who Hires Geophysicists?

Geophysicists may work for several kinds of employers such as companies involved in field acquisition and data processing related to natural resource exploration, engineering companies, universities and colleges, data management firms, the government and NASA.

Petroleum Geophysicists

Employers of petroleum geophysicists include:

  • oil and gas companies
  • seismic data processing firms
  • seismic contractors
  • well-logging companies
  • computer companies (software & hardware)
  • research firms
  • universities
  • government agencies
  • geophysical equipment companies

Environmental Geophysicists

Jobs for environmental geophysicists are found mainly in:

  • integrated environmental firms
  • mining companies
  • engineering firms
  • mining consulting companies

Mining Geophysicists

Employment opportunities in this area exist in:

  • mining companies
  • consulting mining engineering firms
  • mapping service companies
  • instrument manufacture & development firms
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