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Meet Our Community

Greg Beroza

Wayne Loel Professor

Biondo Biondi

Barney and Estelle Morris Professor

Eric Dunham

Associate Professor of Geophysics

William Ellsworth

Professor (Research) of Geophysics

Jerry Harris

The Cecil H. and Ida M. Green Professor in Geophysics

Simon Klemperer

Professor of Geophysics and, by courtesy, of Geological Sciences

Rosemary Knight

The George L. Harrington Professor in the School of Earth Sciences

Dustin Schroeder

Assistant Professor of Geophysics and, by courtesy, of Electrical Engineering

Paul Segall

Professor of Geophysics

Norman Sleep

Professor of Geophysics

Jenny Suckale

Assistant Professor of Geophysics

Sonia M. Tikoo-Schantz

Affiliate, Department of Geophysics - Geophysics

Tiziana Vanorio

Assistant Professor of Geophysics

Howard Zebker

Professor of Electrical Engineering and of Geophysics

Mark Zoback
Mark Zoback

Benjamin M. Page Professor in Earth Sciences and Senior Fellow at the Precourt Institute for Energy

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