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Becoming the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences in 2023

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Welcome to the Department of Geological Sciences

Graduate studies in the Department of Geological Sciences (GS) involve academic course work and independent research. Students are prepared for careers as professional scientists in research or the application of the earth sciences to mineral, energy, and water resources. Programs lead to the M.S., Engineer, and Ph.D. degrees. Course programs in the areas of faculty interest are tailored to the student's needs and interests with the aid of his or her research adviser. Students are encouraged to include in their program courses offered in other departments in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences as well as in other departments in the University.

Application deadline for Fall 2023: December 16, 2022

If you have additional questions, contact More university information and application system questions can be found on Stanford's Graduate Admissions website and the online application.

In accordance with Stanford's Winter closure, the GS department will be closed starting December 21, 2022 to reopen January 4, 2023. Email access to staff will not be available during this time so plan accordingly.

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Graduate degrees in Geological Sciences

Geological Sciences' commitment to diversity

Our community of faculty, staff, students and alumni is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, supportive, diverse, and equitable environment which celebrates all cultures and backgrounds. Our students come with different backgrounds and thus contribute richness of our department's scholarly and scientific strides. We acknowledge that Earth Sciences has been one of the least diverse fields in STEM. Our department is actively planning to address this lack. More specifically:

  • We recognize that students applying for Geological Sciences have diverse backgrounds with different preparation for undergraduate and graduate education
  • We have committed to a holistic admission strategy, accounting for known biases, combining scientific merit with life experience/personality traits
  • We are committed to fostering positive advisor-advisee experience
  • We are committed to broadening participation in field-based science through virtual field trips
  • We include DEI efforts in Faculty evaluations

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...about Geological Sciences courses and degrees, contact Claudia Baroni

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