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Travel & Reimbursement Procedures

Please note changes to the Stanford Travel Policy. You may not be reimbursed if you do not follow these new policies for booking airfare, lodging, and rental cars.

Departmental Purchasing cards (Pcard) are available for office/lab supplies and Travel cards (Tcard) are available for travel and conference fees. Check out the card from your admin when needed. Send/provide receipt to your admin when returning cards. These cards are not allowed to be written down or saved to accounts.

Steps for getting reimbursed

  • Gather receipts and any required forms. (see below for additional backup documentation needed)
  • For non-travel expenses under $50.00 please see Kelly Wells (Braun) for petty cash reimbursement. No forms needed.
  • Fill out the  Excel Expense Form to itemize your expenses and include a DETAILED business purpose and PTA. Here are examples of good business purposes we are looking for (Who, What, Where, When, Why).
    • Line items should be entered in chronological order. Mark if a purchase is missing receipt or is on the Tcard.
    • This form is not required for Pcard or Tcard only charges. Submit receipts when transaction is ready to be cleared. If Tcard is accompanied by a reimbursement request, then the form is required.
  • Fill out the Certification of Authorized Expenses or forward an email approval if you are not the PI on the account.
    • This form is required for all expenses.
    • The names of all students who participated in the Stanford related activity should be added to the “Who” field if you are requesting reimbursement for purchases made for them.
    • The PI signature is required before you can be reimbursed (for course expenses this is Lauren Mendoza).

Tips for getting reimbursed quickly

  • Submit ALL original ITEMIZED receipts. Receipts must show last 4 digits of the card used. Confirmation or estimates are not acceptable receipts. Bank statements (black out personal information) are acceptable as proof of payment.
  • Submit reimbursement requests within 30 days of the last day of travel. Expenses reported 60 days after completion of travel may be tax reportable. The current turnaround time for Stanford’s central Financial offices are 20 working days, so please be patient. If you submit your receipts to your admin on the 60th day, it will not have enough time to be processed and will be tax reportable.
  • Indicate if a receipt was lost for charges and provide a reason.
  • Foreign expenses – use Oanda converter. Write USD$ on the receipt and Expense form. Provide a copy of the daily conversion rate with your backup documentation. The date of conversion should match date on receipt. Or provide bank statement as backup documentation.
  • Airfare - submit original invoice for airfare or E-ticket receipt showing payment. If you are not purchasing a roundtrip flight from SJC/SFO to destination, please provide an Egencia comparison. Provide an explanation for the different airfare in your business purpose. Govt. and some sponsored grants require you use American carriers when flying (Fly America Act). Please ask your RA if you think your grant has this restriction.
  • Car Rental - submit rental agreement and the final car rental receipt. Insurance offered by rental agencies are not reimbursable unless you are traveling in Hawaii or foreign countries.  Stanford's plan provides coverage for vehicles rented for Stanford business. If you need to rent anything other than a standard sized compact car, include the reason why in your business purpose and attach deans approval in the backup documentation. Fingate: Ground Transportation
  • Car Mileage - include map of route and directions ($.625/mile). If your mileage is more than 200 miles, please provide an Egencia flight comparison. If the flight is less expensive than the mileage reimbursement, please provide an explanation for why the car was needed. You may only be reimbursed for the cost of the flight comparison. This is not needed for field trips.
  • Business meals – provide name and affiliation of all attendees and a brief explanation of what was discussed and the outcome from the meeting.
  • Alcohol - Must be highlighted, totaled (including tax) on receipts and itemized separately on the Expense form. If using the Tcard to purchase meals, alcohol should be separated and placed on a personal card.
  • Conference - submit Conference Program/Agenda. The program should show the beginning and end dates of the conference. If you present an abstract, that must be included also.
  • Class Field Trip - Class lists and additional attendees are needed for course field trips. Prior approval is needed by Lauren Mendoza before purchasing anything using course funds.

Here is an overview of Stanford Travel Policies. Amounts may be lower, discuss with your PI before booking. Please refer to Fingate for additional policies or ask your admin.

Supplemental Forms

Visitors or Suppliers will receive an invitation email with a link to the Supplier / Payee Request Portal where they can verify personal contact information and upload all confidential data, such as these forms, before payment.

Note: Department administrators should not attach confidential information to an Expense Requests transaction.

LA-6 FORM (required for ALL non-Stanford travelers) PDF File (for Honoraria only)
This form is required in order to prevent you from being taxed on your reimbursement. Non-US citizens must provide copies of their passport, visa, I-94 card. J-1 visitors must also submit the DS-2019 (formerly IAP-66).

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