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Geological Sciences

The study of our planet from its deep interior to the surface, and through its 4.6 billion years of history.

Undergraduate Program

The purpose of the undergraduate program in Geological Sciences is to provide students with a broad background in the fundamentals of the Earth sciences as well as the quantitative, analytical, and communications skills necessary to conduct research and think critically about questions involving the Earth. The major provides excellent preparation for graduate school and careers in geological and environmental consulting, land use and planning, law, teaching, and other professions in which an understanding of the Earth and a background in science are important.

Undergraduate Major

Why major in Geological Sciences?

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Honors Program

Interested in pursuing research during your senior year?

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Research Opportunities

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A sampling of Undergraduate courses

Do you want to understand how the world around you works, and what it means for our future? Do you want to acquire skills that can make a difference? Do you want to understand how Earth has maintained its habitability throughout time, and what this means for today? Check out some of our highly student-rated offerings.

Your adventure starts here!

CoTerminal MS Program

Find out more about the opportunity to pursue a graduate research experience and earn an MS degree concurrently with or subsequent to your BS studies.

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Field Courses

Want to get into the field? No experience required.

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