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Geological Sciences

The study of our planet and its neighbors, from their deep interiors to the surface, and through their multi-billion year history.

Living on the Edge

Are you new to the Bay Area? Do you wonder about the San Andreas Fault and earthquakes and how people live with the threats it poses? What makes California geology rock and roll? Do you ever ponder how humans fit into the pageant of life on earth and how the deep geologic past is studied? Do you want to discover the best beaches and hidden redwood forests? Do you wonder where your water comes from?

You are living on the edge for the next four years!

Fall, Spring Quarters

This class is a weekend field trip to the Pacific Coast during fall quarter.  Tour local beaches, geology, landforms, earthquake, volcanic and climate hazards with expert guides. Enjoy a locally grown, seasonal BBQ dinner and camp overnight on the Santa Cruz coast.  Get to know your fellow students and faculty and graduate students in the Earth Sciences. You will come away with a better sense of your local Earth and your place within it.

Three opportunities to participate in this experience will be offered: October 26-27 (section 01), November 2-3 (section 02), and November 16-17 (section 03). Trips are led by Professor of Geological Sciences Martin Grove, Professor of Geological Sciences Elizabeth Miller, or Associate Dean and lecturer Robyn Dunbar. [Geolsci 5, Earthsys 140]

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