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Page Chamberlain receiving award in Germany 2019

Page Chamberlain receives the Gustav Steinmann Medal in Munster, Germany in September. (Photo courtesy of Page Chamberlain)

German Geological Society awards Page Chamberlain top honor

BY Elenita Nicholas
ClockOctober 28, 2019

The German Geological Society awarded Geological Sciences Professor Page Chamberlain its top honor, the Gustav Steinmann Medal, during its 2019 annual meeting in Munster, Germany in September. Among other academic achievements, Chamberlain was recognized for his contributions to understanding the interaction between tectonics and climate in both present and past mountain belts. 

The award cited his work as foundational to future generations of scientists who investigate Earth surface processes because of the theoretical models and geochemical experimental approaches he developed. The award announcement noted that Chamberlain's most significant achievements include: 

1) Analyzing heat and mass transfer in the Earth’s crust; 

2) Creating methods for isotope tracking of bird migration; 

3) Earth surface processes and silicate weathering; and 

4) Creating the field of paleoaltimetry of mountain belts.

To read about the award in German, visit the German Geological Society announcement page.

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