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Our Values

Our Values

 Our Commitment to a Respectful Workplace

The School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences is committed to a respectful workplace that provides an intellectual, collegial, and productive working environment that supports fundamental research, collaboration, teaching, and learning.

We Value

Excellence in science, the discovery of new knowledge, and sharing knowledge through teaching and outreach not only in our fields of study but in our everyday lives;

Diversity of human experiences and perspectives across gender identity and expression, age, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, ability, and class status; and across academic disciplines at the undergraduate and graduate levels;

Collaboration and the fostering of collegial and productive relationships among students, staff, and faculty that empower our individual contributions to the success of the School;

Respect and courtesy in how we treat all members of the Stanford community, as well as collaborators, work groups and others outside of the Stanford community;

Accountability for the impact of our individual words and actions, and collectively, for the health, wellbeing, and success of our community;

Growth in our lives and through our work, committing to lifelong learning through humility, curiosity, and intellectual vitality.

Those in leadership roles, including all faculty, are expected to be especially aware of the impact of their behavior on students, staff members, and other colleagues, and as such should consider themselves as role models in the promotion of these principles and values.

Respectful community resources

Find the resources you need at Stanford Earth to support an inclusive and respectful workplace where everyone feels a part of the work we do. 



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Graduate student life resources

We offer personal, health, safety, and reporting resources to promote a safe and harassment-free environment for students while they pursue their studies in the Earth sciences.

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Guiding policies and principles

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