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Our Values and Practices

Stanford Earth DEI Councils

The Stanford Earth DEI Councils are established as a platform for advocacy and partnership-building to address and strengthen Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Stanford Earth School community. These councils regularly review the Policy on Respectful and Inclusive Behavior and act as a resource around awareness and school climate. Council members do not adjudicate incidents of harassment or inappropriate conduct, though its members may help connect to relevant reporting structures.

The Councils consist of two related entities — the Advisory and the Governance Council, each one fulfilling different functions and yet overlapping to collaboratively direct the School towards its DEI goals. The overarching roles of the Councils are to (1) provide a voice to the members of our community at the grassroots; (2) act as change agents for and within the School and (3) help institutionalize practices that support and accelerate DEI initiatives. 

Members (AY21-22)

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