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Our Values and Practices

Respectful community committee

This committee regularly reviews the Policy on Respectful and Inclusive Behavior and acts as a resource around awareness and school climate. Committee members do not adjudicate incidents of harassment or inappropriate conduct, though its members may help connect to relevant reporting structures.

Members (AY20-21)

  • Sue Crutcher (Co-chair, Associate Dean for Human Resources and Faculty Affairs)
  • Robyn Dunbar (Co-chair, Associate Dean for Educational Affairs)
  • Greyson Assa (Undergraduate Student)
  • Ines Azevedo (Assoc. Professor, Associate Chair for Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Lupe Carrillo (Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)
  • Alyssa Ferree (Assistant Dean for Student Services)
  • Jonathan Payne (Professor, Sr. Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs)
  • Shelley Ratay (Program Director, Change Leadership for Sustainability)
  • Marius von Essen (Graduate Student)
  • Chenghao Wang (Postdoctoral Scholar)
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