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2020 Peer Advisors

Your Stanford Earth Peer Advisors

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Stanford Earth Peer Advisors build undergraduate community within the school, creating educational programs and social events for students. Additionally, they help advise current and prospective students about opportunities within Stanford Earth.

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Caroline Beckman - Student Advisor

Caroline Beckman

Earth Systems – Human Environmental Systems

Caroline is a senior in the Human Environmental Systems track of Earth Systems. Her interests include environmental education, environmental behavior change, and sustainability. At Stanford, she has fostered these interests through research, studying abroad in Australia, and interning at The Trust for Public Land. She is currently writing her honors thesis on how land trusts engage with questions of equity, justice, and access. In addition to being an Earth Systems advisor, Caroline is a Student Ambassador for the Bill Lane Center for the American West. Outside of school, she can be found hiking, spending time with her family, baking cookies, or drinking tea.

Zack Boyd- Student Advisor

Zack Boyd

Earth Systems – Land Systems

Zack Boyd is a rising senior in the Land Systems track, and is also enrolled in the Environmental Communication MA program. He is passionate about folk music, writing, and dogs; usually, you can find him playing guitar or hiking with his two dogs. Throughout his time at Stanford, Zack has participated in the Wrigley Field Program in Hawai’i and Stanford@SEA, both during his sophomore year, and has enjoyed classes including Science of Soils, Natural Perspectives, and Biology and Global Change (among many others). Over the last few summers, he has worked for the Natural History Institute in Prescott, AZ, the Tech Interactive in San Jose, and the Henry’s Fork Foundation in Ashton, ID.

In-Jae (John) Cho

In-Jae (John) Cho

Energy Resources Engineering

Meet with In-Jae (John)!

John is a 1st year Masters student in Energy Resource Engineering (Renewable & Clean Energy Track). He is an immigrant from South Korea and was exposed to the idea of clean energy late into his undergraduate career. Previously, he showed a passion for medicine and computer science but found joy in expending his horizon towards the field of energy. He has numerous experiences in coding programs for projects in radiology as well as laboratory experience in the field of ophthalmology and mobile applications in iOS. With his newly found interest in energy, he hopes to bring his past experience to the table with a fresh perspective. In his free time, John likes to enjoy music with his background in percussion as well as just taking a nap outside in the sun. He is always looking forward to meeting new people and being exposed to many different cultures and backgrounds.


Annabel Conger


Annabel is a senior studying geophysics with minors in archeology and biology. They grew up in northwestern Montana near Glacier National Park, and spent most of their childhood hiking, camping, reading around campfires and dreaming about space. They were originally a biology major and were slowly converted to geophysics by sophomore year as they realized their passion in environmentalism and the future of this planet. Growing up watching the glaciers around them shrink, they are now working as a radioglaciologist in the hopes of understanding how the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are being affected by climate change. They are also passionate about textiles, especially ancient textile techniques, and spend their free time weaving, spinning, sewing, and doing other textile work.

Kelly Dunn

Kelly Dunn

Geological Sciences

Meet with Kelly!

Kelly is a junior double majoring in Earth Systems and Geological Sciences. Raised in Santa Monica, she spent the majority of her days sunrise hiking, swimming in the ocean, and devising new and delicious vegan recipes (amidst, yknow, school). Realizing how the environmental issues seen today are, at their core, both ecological and social issues, Kelly is striving to better understand both—hence, her studies as both an Earth Systems and GS major. Outside of her work here, she also is a lifeguard, underwater archaeologist, volunteer STEM teacher, and staff at the O’Donahue Educational Farm!



Olivia Flournoy-Pannell


Meet with Olivia!

Olivia is a senior majoring in geophysics, while also pursuing her coterminal master’s degree in geophysics. Being from Sacramento, CA, she has always been in proximity to California's natural beauty and diverse climate. After trying out a wide breadth of majors, she decided to study the Earth’s complex processes, which have always fascinated her (ask her how she got from linguistics to geophysics!) Olivia has many academic interests, like art history and international relations, which she got to study while participating in BOSP in Florence during her junior year. Olivia is also a co-president of WYSE (Women and Youth Supporting Each Other), a service club aimed at empowering middle school girls. Outside of school, Olivia enjoys painting, doing yoga, walking outside, and frantically tending to her indoor garden.

Sebastian Perez-Lopez

Sebastian Perez-Lopez

Geological Sciences

Sebastian is a junior majoring in Geological Sciences currently living in St. Louis, Missouri. As the son of two Chilean immigrants, he spent a lot of his early years exposed to the Andes, the Atacama, and everything else Chile had to offer and thus quickly fell in love with all things Earth Science. Since being at Stanford he has been fortunate enough to take part in field work with Stanford professors and participate in research, and he hopes to continue taking advantage of these opportunities despite the virtual circumstances! Outside of school he enjoys spending time with friends, cooking for his family, and chasing fun wherever it leads him.

Rachel Portillo- Student Advisor

Rachel Portillo

Earth Systems – Land Systems

Rachel is a senior in the Land Systems track of Earth Systems. She is originally from Truth or Consequences, NM (look it up!), and competed in Envirothon for four years before coming to Stanford. At Stanford, she has participated in environmental education programs like GeoKids and the High School Support Initiative while playing drums in LSJUMB and serving as Cap and Gown's president. You can often find Rachel shamelessly showing people pictures of her dogs, nature journaling (thanks EARTH 83!), or singing Selena songs just about whenever. On campus, she can be found on the couches of El Centro cuddling Galletta and missing Firulais (If you know you know). She is passionate about diversity and inclusion, especially in Earth Systems, and has been a part of the Leland Scholars Program and Stanford Summer Engineering Academy as a FLI student participant and program RA. 

Jayne Stevenson - Student Advisor

Jayne Stevenson

Earth Systems – Human Environmental Systems

Jayne is a senior from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is concentrating in human environmental systems and is passionate about climate law and policy. During her time at Stanford, Jayne has explored climate and energy policy through her classes and internships at the Environmental Defense Fund and the California Energy Commission. She has also been involved with Students for a Sustainable Stanford, allowing her to work with students and faculty to advance campus sustainability initiatives. Outside of her academics, you can find Jayne running, cooking vegan food, drinking coffee, or listening to podcasts.

Isabella Sullivan- Student Advisor

Isabella Sullivan

Earth Systems – Oceans, Atmosphere, & Climate

Bella is a senior in the Oceans, Climate and Atmosphere track. She was born and raised in Alaska, living between Anchorage, Fairbanks and the Yukon River, where her family is originally from. Bella’s major interests have revolved around climate change communication and implementing indigenous advocacy in environmental issues and research. During her time at Stanford, Bella has grown her passion for the oceans through her courses, doing Stanford @ SEA and the Australia BOSP program. She has also worked at Stanford Sierra Camp in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains for two summers. She spent last summer working as a research assistant for a Māori research team from New Zealand focused on bringing indigenous voices to Antarctic policy and doing her Earth Systems Honors Thesis—a climate change impact assessment on Alaska Native communities. Outside of her classes at Stanford, you can find her drinking all the coffee in the Earth Systems office, hiking and going to the beach.

Hannah Young

Hannah Elizabeth Tracy Young

Earth Systems – Land Systems

Hannah is an Earth Systems undergraduate with a focus on Land Systems and is primarily interested in the methods used to monitor land use change. In addition to being an advisor, she is a docent at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. Hannah is originally from Spearfish, South Dakota in the beautiful Black Hills where she gained a love for the environment at an early age. Her passion has continued to grow  at Stanford with engaging courses on campus, studying abroad in Australia, and working as the naturalist at Stanford Sierra Camp. Outside of classes, she can be found hiking, mountain biking, climbing, doing crosswords, or enjoying a coffee.

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