Stanford University
I joined the Department of Energy Resources Engineering (ERE) in February 2020 and am now 5 years at Stanford. My previous Stanford experience include the Dean’s Office, Stanford Earth (SE3) and the Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine (SOM).

In my current role as Program Coordinator my job functions include: website author, event coordinator, financial transactor and administrative support to the following faculty, students, labs and research groups: Ilenia Battiato, Ines Azevedo, Simona Onori, Tapan Mukerji (SCERF) and Tony Kovscek (SUETRI-A).

I am excited to be part of the department as it mergers into its new name Energy Science & Engineering (ESE) and converges into the new Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability when it launches in September 2022.
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