Stanford University
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Jood Al Aswad

  • Ph.D. Student in Geological Sciences
I am interested in the coevolution of marine invertebrates and their environment, especially in relation to mass extinctions.

My research background is broadly in the geosciences: I have conducted research in geophysics (geodesy) during my undergraduate career at George Mason University, where I empirically measured the frequencies of diurnal and semi-diurnal Earth tides. During my Master's at Cornell University, I shifted over to stratigraphy and petrophysics by repurposing tools and data commonly used in the oil industry to find permeable sections of rock beneath Cornell for geothermal heat production. It was when I was conducting my research at Cornell that I discovered the fascinating field of 'the coevolution of life and Earth', which includes my favorite topic to research: paleobiology. Currently, my research explores the recovery of organisms after mass extinctions, and attempts to detangle the factors involved in their recovery.

In my free time, I like to write creatively (particularly fictional fantasy novels), and draw digitally.
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